List Cleaning

One of the most damaging aspects of email marketing is sending to email addresses that are not "valid".

If you send an email to an invalid address, your reputation as a sender will be quite badly affected and this will quickly see you hitting the junk mailbox, or even worse, not being allowed to deliver to recipients at all.

And this reputation will follow you for some time and could require a lot of work to clean up.

Email addresses that are not valid include:

  • Mistyped addresses.
  • Addresses that don't exist.
  • Old or no longer used addresses.
  • "Spam Trap" email addresses.
  • Catch-all addresses.

But how to know what's good and what's bad?

In the past, it was extremely difficult to "fix" your email list. Many organizations would simply send to their entire list, and at best remove any addresses that "hard" bounced.

There are a number of issues with this method including:

  • Sending to invalid email addresses damages your reputation even if it's just one time
  • Spam Trap email addresses do not report themselves as a bounce, they actually accept your email just like a normal email address.

So many organizations continue to damage their sending reputation by continually sending to lists of subscribers, many of which no longer exist, have been turned into spam trap addresses, or are simply invalid addresses.

Introducing MPZMail List Cleaning

With the MPZMail List Cleaning service, you can quickly and easily remove or segment off damaging, invalid email addresses from your list in just one click.

The service automatically:

  • Checks for typos
  • Checks for known spam traps
  • Checks for "role" based emails, such as administrator@, postmaster@, etc.
  • Uses big data to see if the email address has hard bounced recently across the entire MPZMail platform.
  • Checks for "Disposable" email addresses.
  • Checks for free email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)
  • Checks the recipient mail server exists.
  • Asks the recipient mail server if the email address is valid.
  • Makes sure the address is not a catch-all exist.
  • And much more...

When the list clean has finished, you are able to remove invalid email addresses automatically, and even segment off addresses that will 100% percent deliver, or those that may not (Such as free email addresses and catch-all addresses)

How to clean a list

Ready to get started? Here's how to clean your first list. It's super easy!

Step 1:

Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MPZMail control panel. If you don't already have an account you can create a free account.

Step 2:

Once logged in to the MPZMail control panel click Contacts at the top of the screen and select List Cleaning from the drop down list. 

Step 3:

Click Start a new List Clean and then select the Group or Groups you wish to clean. The MPZMail List Clean feature is a paid for feature - once you have selected the Group/Groups you wish to clean you will see how much it will cost. 

Review the details of the list clean, including the price. Enter your payment details and click Start Cleaning

Step 4:

Your list will now be tested and you can monitor the results in real time as they happen. You are also able to navigate away while the test is taking place. We will send you an alert when all the tests are complete.

Step 5:

Once the test has finished, you will be presented with the results and you can decide to remove invalid subscribers, copy valid subscribers to other groups, and much more.

You've cleaned your first List!

Pretty easy wasn't it?

You can now go ahead and send to your list, safe in the knowledge that only valid subscribers will receive your emails!

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